Cassi Cox, Deborah Schiefer, Jennifer Brierly

Enough fear. Enough re-traumatization. Enough complacency. Enough disinterest in trauma-informedness. Enough victim-blaming and looking the other way while abusers continue to rise and survivors continue to climb the mountain of healing and recovery with bloody knuckles and bruised knees while the world around them sends accolades to the very people who threw them off of a cliff. 


“Find Your Roar” is composed of a small group of survivors. We have experienced a variety of traumas including childhood abuse, neglect and commercial sexual exploitation of a child, stranger, acquaintance and military rape, as well as religious and social trauma related to the responses of those around us regarding our traumatic experiences. We have bachelor’s and some master’s level education regarding psychology and counseling, but we are not counselors, therapists or doctors. We are survivors. The information that we share here is readily available to anyone interested in learning more about trauma, healing and support.