My name is Cassi Cox and at heart, I’m a small-town poor kid.

Growing up, I encountered a significant amount of adversity. I was exposed to poverty, domestic violence, abuse and drug abuse. I am the oldest child of 9. It is by the grace of God, and only by the grace of God, that my story is different. To quote Chris Tomlin, “I could have had a really different story…”

I am a mom of 5. My children range in age from 3 (toddlers are SAVAGE) to 12.5 (also savage, if I am being honest). We lost our fourth child, June, to a late missed miscarriage on January 18, 2016. Her story is a large part of our story. That means that we are raising 4 children and missing one terribly. We also have a tendency to foster, so that happens. My husband, Brad, decided to go on the biggest adventure of his life and marry me in October of 2011. We’ve been raising humans, figuring out life and serving Jesus together ever since.

I love Jesus with all that I am. I also understand that the lives we live take us on a grace-filled journey back to Him. We don’t always get it right…at least I don’t.

I am the director of multiple Pregnancy Resource Centers. I am active in all areas of pregnancy help ministry and also speak, write and share about the nuanced approach required to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus. This is necessary when meeting men and women where they are regarding unplanned pregnancy and the issues surrounding abortion.

A large part of my journey has involved processing my own trauma. I have had to navigate the sharp edges of my life in light of the gospel. It’s been a long road-one I am still walking- discovering God in the midst of my healing. I’m comforted every time I discover, in scripture, that God sees the oppressed, the violated and the marginalized. He holds accountable, redeems and sets free. God sees me.

I’m an eight on the Enneagram. Injustice rattles me to the core. It’s my desire to give voice to the voiceless and be an advocate. There are so many people in this world who just need to know that they are not alone. As Christ followers, we need to be willing to step out and lock arms, lifting up the least of these. Christ was willing to become ceremonially unclean to serve others. We’re called to be like Him.

I write, speak, and lead…all of which is really just serving under different titles.

I’m also active serving at my church, in children’s ministry and in youth ministry.

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