Meet The Team!

Here at “Find Your Roar,” We work collectively to bring you content on a variety of different topics from multiple different voices. We believe that when we stand together we can do the seemingly impossible.
Cassi Cox

Born and raised the oldest child in a family wrought with interpersonal violence, substance abuse, neglect and sexual trauma, Cassi has seen, witnessed and walked through a variety of experiences that uniquely position her to speak to the empowerment of survivors, including child abuse, neglect, sexual assault and commercial sexual exploitation. A fighter by nature, Cassi believes strongly in empowering those whose voices and lights have been dimmed by those with more power than them. After spending 4 years running multiple pregnancy resource centers, she transitioned to a career working with children and families. She writes, speaks and advocates for survivors of trauma and is currently pursuing her graduate degree in clinical counseling.

As an adult child from a heavily dysfunctional home and a USAF veteran, Deborah has a history of complex trauma including child abuse, sexual assault and military sexual trauma. She tend toward “gentle and quiet…” but don’t let that fool you. She doesn’t sway from truth or bend away from justice. Deb found her fight in refusing to allow bitterness to take root in her life, focusing instead on healing- both her own and guiding other survivors in their healing. Deborah carries an undergraduate degree in psychology and trauma response counseling with a hope to further her education and career in the counseling field. She is currently a full-time mom and part-time caregiver for own mother, living with mid-stage dementia.

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