“I was Called…” Say What?!

If you have spent any time at all in Christian circles, you have heard the terms “Called” or “Calling.” These phrases are in bold letters in the “Christianese” Dictionary. What do they mean, though? They get thrown around like candy at a Homecoming Parade, but how do we actually define them? How do we knowContinue reading ““I was Called…” Say What?!”

Your Motives Matter: Tamar and Judah

Sex, Scandal and Betrayal: Genesis 38 Okay Friends, This is going to be a wild ride. Genesis 38 is one of my favorite passages in scripture, because I think we get a much different view of the Lord than we’ve gotten anywhere else. There’s a nuance to what is happening here that is unmatched inContinue reading “Your Motives Matter: Tamar and Judah”

God Sees You- Even When Nobody Else Does: Genesis 15-17, 21

Abraham, Sarah and Hagar My husband, Brad, and I have been reading through a “Bible in a year” plan. It’s a Chronological study of the Bible, so we just finished Genesis, and I am always in awe of how God reveals more and more of himself to us as we spend time in his word-Continue reading “God Sees You- Even When Nobody Else Does: Genesis 15-17, 21”