Aaron: Leadership and Blame

Exodus 32 I am not good at being wrong. I don’t like it. My flesh wants to deflect, defend and justify. It takes a lot of effort to behave differently when I am wrong. I have to be intentional with confession and repentance. When I am in prayer, I have to be careful not toContinue reading “Aaron: Leadership and Blame”

Have you ever been a Pharaoh or an Israelite?

Exodus 1 Fear has the power to turn us into people we never dreamed we could be. I have been a person I’m not proud of when I was afraid. I was a jealous spouse when I was afraid my marriage was crumbling. I was an anxious, nervous, paranoid Momma when my daughter’s death putContinue reading “Have you ever been a Pharaoh or an Israelite?”