Survivor, I’m With You

by Deborah Schiefer

Dear Survivor,

This first part’s for you. I see you. I feel you. This hell you’re walking as you struggle to step out of the victimization brought onto you and into the survivorhood this walk calls you into – It isn’t forever.

This is the hardest part. As people learn and question the facts of your history and you’re retraumatized and revictimized with every doubt and accusation-filled comment hurled, it can weigh even more than the person that initially hurt you.

But, Survivor, I promise you’ll find us. Your brothers and sisters who know this walk too well. Those of us who are going to come alongside you, standing around and under you, supporting you until you find the strength to support yourself. We’ll amplify your voice and we’ll join your fight.

You’re going to get through this.

I know you don’t feel it today, but there’s a strength and resilience sparking in the depths of your soul. The light is small, but it’s going to join our fire and you’ll find yourself again.

Hang on for that day. Keep still being here.

And one day, you’re going to meet another survivor standing in the place you’re in right now. You’re going to know how to love and support them because you’ve lived it.

In that moment, you’ll know you’ve found your fight.

Once you know it, you’ll see that strength I see in you now. You’ll know you’re not just a survivor. You’re a fighter, an overcomer, and a thriver. You may never choose to share your story the way I have and that’s okay because you don’t owe it to anyone.

But you’ll know how to be bold and live out loud.

The present and the future may not look the way you planned in the before, but you’re going to make it back to okay. Life surprises us and while you may or may not feel like healing is possible right now, I promise you can find your way to it.

Together. With us. You are not alone.

And to the abusers,

This part is for you. Do not underestimate us. We’re called survivors for a reason. We’ve lived through hell and learned how to find our way back. We’re fighters. We’re overcomers. We’ve learned that our voices are amplified together. Our fight is stronger when we stand arm and arm.

And we don’t stop until every survivor finds the strength they carry within themselves.

We won’t let evil win.

Find your fight – D.S.

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