It’s More Than a Pretty Ribbon

by Jennifer Brierly Are you aware that gastroparesis awareness month is in August. What about National Pediculosis prevention month? Do you know when that is? What that is? (Lice and September.) Many of us are vaguely aware of some of the more well publicized awareness months. We might have ribbon magnets on our cars or pinnedContinue reading “It’s More Than a Pretty Ribbon”

The Control and Shame Spiral

by Deborah Schiefer It starts with an inoccuous phone call. The curveball’s been pitched, plans change, life seemingly unravels. Fight, flight, freeze, fawn. One inoccuous phone call somehow morphs into the catalyst for a crashing world. Emotions run high and in the moment, it all seems so logical. Because, for your fractured mind, it isContinue reading “The Control and Shame Spiral”

Be Worthy of the Histories You Learn

by Deborah Schiefer There is an account I follow on Instagram – a Holocaust survivor and her granddaughter. Both of these women are light and love in dark spaces. The grandmother’s, a story of fight and resiliency. The granddaughter’s, one of love and inspiration. A few weeks ago, someone responded to my comment on oneContinue reading “Be Worthy of the Histories You Learn”

Hurt People Heal People, Too

by Deborah Schiefer Hurt people hurt people. And I suppose that’s true, but isn’t it an oversimplification of a bigger issue? Hurt people do hurt people but is it only because they’re hurt or is it really because they won’t do the difficult and often painful work of self-reflection and self-awareness? Growth can be soContinue reading “Hurt People Heal People, Too”

But What About Bathsheba?

by Deborah Schiefer I recently wrote a blog for Christmas1 and in it, I referenced the women named in the lineage of the Messiah and their broken histories. When it came to Bathsheba, I debated whether or not to mention the idea that perhaps she wasn’t an enthusiastic participant in the relationship with King David,Continue reading “But What About Bathsheba?”